Have you always been excited to see the beautiful bamboo structures in ArchDaily, Dezeen, Inhabitat? And then, wondered why they never happen in Dhaka, or more widely Bangladesh? Where bamboo, one of the much acclaimed eco-friendly building material, is found in relative abundance. Why this material is generally limited to making scaffolding and rural homes… Read More BAMBOO DESIGN BUILD PLAY IS BACK!!


Jamdani is the name of traditional hand woven clothes produced in Bangladesh. It is well known worldwide for its intricate designs and uniqueness. This drawing is a task done during my first year graphics communication studio where improvement of the hand to mind connection is crucial. Variations in line thickness are brought about through the… Read More JAMDANI MOTIFS


Yesterday l was oblivious Today I know a little more But today l wish I was still the ignorant from yesterday At-least l was at peace I did not know how to fix things But today l cannot, even after knowing I am becoming those that l once criticized Those that I once blamed To… Read More Layers