Bamboo Design Build Play Course Outline

Have you always been excited to see the beautiful bamboo structures in ArchDaily, Dezeen, Inhabitat?
And then, wondered why they never happen in Dhaka, or more widely Bangladesh? Where bamboo, one of the much acclaimed eco-friendly building material, is found in relative abundance.
Why this material is generally limited to making scaffolding and rural homes in the hill tracts and not public spaces within Dhaka? or any city? 

Yes I am sure the rationale of rain, humidity, durability, cost effectiveness, strength and so on that you have been taught has overpowered the timid aspirations you have or had to build with bamboo many a times.
But what if I said its time to think again?

Because this is what we tested in 2017 at a small site in Bosila Dhaka, Bangladesh.
And it worked!
For us and for the children who used this play space since completion.

Bamboo Playscape Copyright: N.k. Moortuza

Our aspirations came true through a group of student participants along with friends at LEEDO, Ghorami.Jon, HBRI Bangladesh, SAFE Bangladesh, UBINIG, Nupami BD, and Sajida foundation. I will skip thanking individuals who have supported us imesely during our previous project and get to what we have planned for you this time.



  • First hand training on bamboo joinery and building systems from expert builders and craftsmen
  • Chance to practice parts of the design construction course you learnt in theory at your design school
  • Chance to interact and learn from renowned architects, planners, designers, craftsmen and, the best part, other students as crazy as you!
  • Better part – Design for children who nobody gives a damn about!

Yes this project will allow you a scope to learn how the “other side” lives, plays and grows. You think you know how, trust me when I say you have no idea.

Which leads us to the

  • Chance to design with children of LEEDO – a local charity based in Bangladesh which shelters children that live off the streets of Dhaka.
  • Learn how the implement the craziness you just designed, WITH bamboo
  • Chance to add an additional set of expertise to your CV before you submit that application for a higher education degree



  • By registering through this link:
  • By saving the money you would otherwise spend on smokes, blokes, cokes and gals.
  • Asking for sponsorship / scholarship / funding from educational and professional institutes – you just never know how many people out there just might be interested to help you out.



  • Right NOW!
  • By the deadline: 7th February 2019


I promise this link will answer your questions better:

Email all FAQs or any queries to
Or Dial +8801722656068 to reach Prince

To check out our coolness follow us at:

Trust me when I say that this might feel like the worst way to spend your spring but in the end it will give you the happiness a mountaineer feels when he reaches the top or the sheer happiness that you felt when you passed in a course exam you most dreaded!
So stop contemplating  and register -_-



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