Practice with a focus on sustainability and the environmental aspects
of building design. Focus on sustainability as a process of exchange, sharing and empowerment; a collective and participatory design process with academics, professionals and communities; and not only as a factor defining the architectural design of a built form. Research on the contemporary interpretations of the vernacular architecture of Bangladesh and the methods of promoting the use of local materials of Bangladesh in architecture and fashion. Develop practical understanding of the role of creative practitioner in architecture, urban design and landscape in relation to context and culture. Actively involved in participatory design processes and informal training of vulnerable communities.

Strongly believe in:
Learning from the Vernaculars
Practicing and Promoting Educational Art and Installations
Organizing Community Outreach Programs
Designing Value Enhancing Products
Women Empowerment

Current Involvements:
Undergraduate Studio Instructor / Lecturer
Contributor at Context BD. http://www.contextbd.com
Coordinator of Angan Lecture Series, Department of Architecture, BRAC University
Coordinator of ‘Rafiq Azam Travel Bursary’, Department of Architecture, BRAC University
Memeber of ArchKIDS Community Outreach Program, Department of Architecture, BRAC University
Junior Architect at Paraa. http://www.paraa.org.uk


Previous Involvements:
Student Intern at Vastu Shilpa Consultant, Ahmedabad, India. http://www.sangath.org
Student Intern at Vitti Sthapati Brindo Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh. http://www.vitti.com.bd


Recent Engagements:

Exploring Environment Friendly and Cost Effective Designs of Primary Schools for the Vulnerable Urban Children
Researcher and Architect, Principal
In collaboration with BRAC institute of Educational Development and Ghorami.JON
Ongoing Research on built spaces that bridge the existing gap between knowledge and resources and to share the potentials of play within the development agenda.

Safe space, “Walls”
A student design charrette that explored the aspect of developing a ‘sense of belonging’ within a public facing urban space of a temporary existence, located in the Kamalapur Railway Station, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The initiative took to a participatory approach in collaboration with Aparajeyo-Bangladesh and Leedo.

Design of a Training Centre
Associate Architect and Researcher
Architectural design of a training center that aims to develop spaces and
experiences by creating productive landscape at multiple levels.


Design of a Residence
Associate Architect
Architectural design of a house by the lake in Rangamati Hills Tracts of Bangladesh, addressing its physical and cultural context by exploring natural materials and knowledge of the local ethnic people.
Under construction.

‘Growing up’
A student design charrette that designs a place around the idea of a ‘play – garden’ for vulnerable urban children within their shelter, the “Peace home,” located in Bosila, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Project took to a participatory approach in collaboration with Leedo.

Growing Up


Publications and articles

Folio 1
Triennial (2012-2014) portfolio of student works from the Department of Architecture, BRAC University. BRAC University Press.



Previous Member and Dancer
Moitree – A student led cultural platform in the Department of Architecture, BRACU

Pottery Painting and Mask Making Classes
Teaching pottery painting and mask making from clay, plaster of paris, wax and
paper to young urban children enrolled in informal schooling.

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